Moneybookers Affilate Program

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Collaborate with Skrill to share get more income through all the instructions your Skrill

moneybookers pay you for all new customers you bring to us! 
By promoting Skrill, you’ll increase earnings and conversion 
rates from gaming referrals by offering a secure, instant 
and convenient deposit option. You simply advise where 
to play... and how to pay

Do you want to get paid twice on your reference? 
Well now you can. Read and register now to become part 
of our award-winning program.

Become a Skrill Affiliate :
  1. Register
  2. Click here to register now
  3. Refer
  4. Refer customers using your referral link in your Skrill account
  5. Receive
  6. Once confirmed as an affiliate, you receive all affiliate benefits

Key benefits: 

  • Up to €1,000 per referral
  • All transactions included
  • Daily pay outs Moneybookers prepaid MasterCard®
  • Benefit Moneybookers

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