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Info Lowongan Kerja Sales Manager OEM karawang agustus 2013,
Informasi Lowongan Kerja di karawang terbaru
juli 2013 Info Lowongan Kerja S1 Bulan Ini juli
Terbaru, Lowongan Pekerjaan buat S1 Bulan agustus 2013,
Loker Terbaru Juli 2013,Info Lowongan Kerja S1
Terbaru juli 2013, Job Vacancy Hari ini
Job opportunities juli 2013

Amrecindo Executive Search is a leading provider of
human resource capital, focusing on executive jobs and
executive candidates. Established in 2006 and have grown
to become one of leading executive recruitment specialists,
handling executive jobs in Indonesia.
Our client, PT. Minda Automotive Indonesia, automotive
component manufacturing company having plant in Karawang,
Indonesia operating since last 6 years. Now, the company
is looking for qualified candidates for various positions
for our manufacturing unit in KIIC Karawang, Jawa Barat

Job Desc : 

Responsibility of marketing for all existing product,
especially 2 wheel, maintain the market & execute strategy,
maintain good relations and regular contact with customer,
negotiations with customers for price, ensure analysis of
competitor strategis, controlling marketing cost with budget,
ensure preparation of monthly and annual forecast for
existing customer, check monthly indent, ensure all
activities work follow as quality system, EMS implementation,
to meet good commitment with customer, support & recommendation
of marketing sales strategies.

Qualifications :
  • Male (age max. 38)
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree (S1)
  • Comfortable with English
  • Have min 8 Years experience in correlation Deptt at manufacturing company (Automotive or electronic parts)

Penutupan tanggal : 31 Agustus 2013

If you are qualified candidate and interested to apply one of above position, please send your updated CV with photograph to: by indicating your current salary and expected salary on your CV. Only CV in English will be considered for further review.
Code : SMO

Itu tadi adalah beberapa informasi seputar Lowongan Kerja
terbaru di karawang juli- Agustus 2013.Bagi para pencari kerja,
jangan ragu untuk bertanya dan mencari informasi seputar
lowongan kerja juli 2013 terkait di kota-kota dan
perusahaan yang anda kehendaki,
umur bukanlah suatu halangan dalam meniti karier.
jangan mudah menyerah untuk sesuatu yang belum anda
raih.salam sukses selalu untuk anda.

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